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Meet And&Learning: How to attract great talent

by | Oct 23, 2022 | General


There’s no doubt about it, recruiters have a tough job. They’re searching for the perfect candidate, but they don’t always know what that looks like at first. For example, if you’re looking for someone with excellent writing skills and experience in a certain industry, how are you supposed to go about finding them? We have good news for you And&Learning can help! This easy-to-use platform lets job marketplaces advertise their job ads and find the most qualified candidates through conferences – without wasting time or money.

Find more about And&Learning and how you can use it to hire great talent.

And&Learning is a platform for job applicants and job marketplaces. It makes it easier to find great candidates, advertise your jobs, and attract the best candidates. 

How does it work? If you’re looking for talent across all industries, this is your perfect resource because everyone who watches a conference does it because they are interested in the subject. You can use And&Learning to advertise your job offers, find the right candidates that watch a conference online and drive traffic to your job board marketplace. Our engine shows the most tailored job advertisement related to the conference they watched and redirects them to your website to apply, which helps save both time & money while still allowing users who subscribe through us access information about opportunities with ease!

How to find the best job candidates from conferences

Conferences are a great way to find potential candidates, especially those who are looking for a new job. As you know, people go to conferences in order to learn more about the industry and stay up-to-date with it. They also want to network and build relationships with others in the field. However, as costs tend to increase individuals choose to attend events online as it is more cost-effective. The opportunity for networking is one of the cons of web conferences, but on the bright side, 80% of individuals attend web-based events for educational purposes (Markletic) as well as 72.5% of virtual event attendees agree that learning is their main goal at the events they participate. (Bizzabo)


And&Learning gives the capability of post-conference networking to job board organizations and job marketplaces. It allows them to promote their job ads and relate them to that specific topic of the conference. Candidates then can find job opportunities that they may be seeking for or be inspired for a new career opportunity. But how the job advertisement exactly works in And&Learning?


Show the right job advertisement to the right candidates

And&Learning is the right platform you need to find your dream job. You can post your job advertisements, and we will send it to candidates who perfectly suit your requirements. You don’t need to spend hours searching for candidates; we do all the hard work for you!

With more than 4,000 conferences available on And&Learning, individuals can find the right conference or event to attend. Then we allow the attendees to view the job opportunities that exist and are related to that topic and redirect them to your website to apply. In addition, we notify them of any new opportunities that may come up based on their preferences and past events attended. 

We have created a comprehensive database of conferences and events that allows you to target your audience with ease. You can search for specific keywords related to your industry, location, or topic of interest.

How does it work for recruiters?

In order to help job board organizations to find the right talent, we have a technology that helps to identify potential candidates based on their web presence. This is done by analyzing the audience profile and determining whether they will be interested in particular jobs.

Once this identification has been completed, our platform will create an offer for those people who have watched web conferences with relevant content and redirects them to the job marketplace’s website where they can learn more about the advertised vacancy.


What next?

And&Learning is a great tool for finding the right candidates for your job. It’s easy to use and will connect you with the people who are most qualified for what you need. You can also use it to find out more about potential new hires or even just get some inspiration! 

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