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Luka Jureško – From the biggest craft burger chain in Croatia to a startup in 24h – powered by COVID

Luka Jureško is a COO of Submarine Burger, fastest growing national burger chain in the region with 13 restaurants in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Zadar and Beograd
He first came to Submarine as a brand keeper (CMO) but soon got involved with most of the processes in the company which led to his new position. Biggest challenge was COVID-19. Overnight they had to change their company to a digital brand. As a delivery only model, they felt as a startup again, since at the time there were no workshops, webinars, etc. Submarine Burger made the list of the 50 Best Burgers in Europe composed by Big 7 readers across their community of 1,5 million people on social media and by a panel of food experts. And finally in the most challenging year, Submarine Burger was thrilled that Financial Times added them to the FT 1000: list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies.


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