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Marko Capek – Zero waste within and without

What can we do as an individual and how will we transform the World by doing this?
In this crazy period of change on this planet, many of us have asked themselves what to do, how to live, why we live and where we are going as humankind. After 15 years of professional experience in environmental projects, research and teaching, Marko Capek will shed some light on what we can do as a species on this beautiful Planet to make it a nice home, for us, for all living beings, and the once yet to come. Marko is a master in electrical engineering specialised in renewable energy. He worked for over 10 years for the UNDP, in Croatia but also the neighbouring region including Central Asia. He travelled a lot and learned from being under the Ocean as a freediver and on the waves as a surfer. He spent time with different indigenous communities, from the Americas to SouthEast Asia, learned from amazing sea animals, played music with plants, and started an approach to Life more intuitive, coherent and intimate with all creation on this Planet. In the last 5 years he has been an advocate for a low waste or often called “zero waste” lifestyle, living without plastic, with an environmental non invasive footprint, a constant smile and always in a positive way, through Love, Acceptance and Meditation. The time is now, the people are we, and the place is this Planet.


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