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Marko Kučić – Engagement and productivity during the pandemic

Marko Kučić is the CEO & Co-founder of Jenz with over 14 years of management and business development experience. His specialties are sales, marketing, and operations. For most of his career, Marko was a Co-founder and a Director of Business Development at COTRUGLI Business School. COTRUGLI is the leading business school in SE Europe specializing in the top and middle management education through internationally accredited MBA, Executive MBA, and Chief Executive MBA programs and customized in-house training.
Marko started developing Jenz, a product start-up, in Zagreb in 2020. Jenz is a communication and feedback platform that serves as a modern internal social network. Its focus is to boost company culture and build a more connected, engaged, and productive workforce, especially during the home-office mode. Jenz launched last summer, and it already has active clients in Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, and the USA, across different industries and company sizes


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