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Mirna Matković – A Successful Career Change – What Does It Take to Live Your Dreams?

Mirna has started her career as a teacher and at the age of 25 she founded a successful company and now she manages more than 20 associates.
She is aslo the founder of the largest female Facebook group in Croatia called Ženski recenziRAJ (Female Reviews Paradise). Her initial goal was to unite women and give them a platform where they can write reviews for everything that they are interested in – beauty, fashion, traveling, cooking, home design etc. But after some time, it became a very friendly community where women can ask for advice for any question they have – even the personal ones and those where it’s important to get the right answer.
Currently, Mirna and her 20 associates (yes, you’ve heard it right, 20!) are managing their Facebook group with 260.000 members, other social media channels and their web page.
And if we look at the today’s marketing where Facebook groups and platforms like Ženski recenziRAJ are perfect digital channels for promotion, then you are assuming right – Mirna’s e-mail is filled with requests for the collaborations.
If you are a woman, then this is the topic for you. If you have heard of Ženski recenziRAJ, then this is also a lecture for you. If you a marketing specialist, then you definitely want to know more about creating promotion trends by Mirna and Ženski recenziRAJ. And if you’re a man, then you can find out what women want, and trust us, it’s not what you thought.


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