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Sanja Veletanlić – Are there virtual assistants on Mars?

Sanja left the corporate world after 17 years of supporting CEO’s and C-Suite Executives as an Executive assistant & Customer service specialist. She took a leap into freelancing and providing virtual assistance to clients, mostly startups and small businesses. Soon she realized that most of Croatian business owners have never even heard about the possibility to outsource parts of their daily operations and administration to virtual assistants. This is why she started in 2020 with the goal to promote local virtual assistants to local Croatian clients. That was also the start of building a strong community where virtual assistants, formally competitors, work together towards a mutual goal. As the demand for virtual assistance services kept rising, in 2021 she decided to build a Go2human Hub and start connecting and coordinating fellow virtual assistants with clients. The Hub is being built on a Win-Win-Win
strategy as a No-BS business, fully transparent and committed to fair play and high value creation for all included parties. Go2human Hub is opening its virtual doors at the end April 2021. Besides being a Jane of all trades and master of some, Sanja is also a proud dog owner, Notion enthusiast, a hobby photographer and an introvert who loves talking to people – online.


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