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Security Control Enhancements – Jim Manico – NDC Security 2022

Building secure software requires the use of a wide variety of security control at many different layers of your application. While the concepts of these security controls are universal, their implementation is not.

Every language has its peculiarities, dedicated security features and recommended APIs. This session reviews several new security enhancements available in the recent version of the Java platform. Examples are SHA-3 support, deserialization security, better TLS and DTLS support, web plugin deprecation, security manager changes, improved key management, dangerous API deprecations and a whole lot more. This session gives a solid overview of the security defenses offered in the Java 9, 10, 11 and 12 platforms.

Deserialization Advances
Dangerous API deprecations
Crypto Advances
TLS Enhancements
New Key Management Tools
Security Manager Changes


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